Module Debug

Debug ouput, controlled by Flags.

type 'a t = ('a, Stdlib.Format.formatter, unit) Stdlib.format -> 'a

Types of debug functions

val set_formatter : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> unit

Set the formatter for debugging

Available debug functions

val certif : 'a t
val event : 'a t
val extract : 'a t
val fec : 'a t
val invgencand : 'a t
val kind2 : 'a t
val ltree : 'a t
val messaging : 'a t
val parse : 'a t
val qe : 'a t
val qedetailed : 'a t
val simplify : 'a t
val smt : 'a t
val smtexpr : 'a t
val transsys : 'a t
val c2i : 'a t
val ic3 : 'a t
val compress : 'a t
val native : 'a t