Module Lib.ReservedIds

module ReservedIds: sig .. end
Reserved identifiers.

val abs_ident_string : string
New variables from abstraction.

New oracle input.

val oracle_ident_string : string
Unique identifier for node instance.
val instance_ident_string : string
First instant flag.
val init_flag_ident_string : string
Observer for contract requirements.
val all_req_ident_string : string
Observer for contract ensures.
val all_ens_ident_string : string
New variables from node instance.
val inst_ident_string : string
Initial predicate.
val init_uf_string : string
Transition relation.
val trans_uf_string : string
New clock initialization flag.
val index_ident_string : string
val state_string : string
Automaton state encoding.
val restart_string : string
val state_selected_string : string
val restart_selected_string : string
val state_selected_next_string : string
val restart_selected_next_string : string
val handler_string : string
val unless_string : string
val init_flag_string : string
Init flag string.

Abstraction depth input string.

val depth_input_string : string
Abstraction depth input string.
val max_depth_input_string : string
Suffix used for the name of the function encoding functional systems.
val function_of_inputs : string
val reserved_strings : string list
All reserved identifiers.